Dr. Sheliza Ibrahim Khan

Real World Science

Real world Science

Are you curious about the world? 
In awe of nature, technology, our universe and life?
 Do you question our influence and search for purpose? 
Do you reflect on the nature of science, the construction of scientific knowledge and your place in
an awoke & conscious world?

Are you looking for encouragement and inspiration for yourself, youth, higher learners, parents, educators, administration, community partners, policy makers & industry in their approach to sustainability and action towards preparation for a scientifically literate future? 


My VOice

These are my passions

and if you are interested

in any of these areas and more,

this is the place for you.


  • Science engagement
  • Public interest in science
  • Science Communication 
  • Women/Girls in Science
  • Science Education
  • Socio-scientific issues
  • Critical Place Based Science
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  •  Indigenous ways of knowing
  • STEM
  • Leadership & Higher Learning



my action

I'm excited to partner or lead
something exciting and inspiring.


  • Q&A's
  • Presentations & Talks
  • Workshops
  • Meet & Greet



My border crossings

I wish to push the boundaries of what is expected as scholarly output to put out into the world what truly influences, inspires and impacts. I wish to reach people locally and globally who should hear and I wish to learn from them. At the moment my small circle of socio-scientific scholars is limiting.  

Scholarly Output

  • Conferences
  • Book Chapters
  • Published Articles
  • Guest Speaks
  • Workshops
  • Blog (WordPress)
  • Vlog (YouTube)
  • Panel Expert
  • Radio Guest/Expert
  • Discussant
  • Course Instructor
  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Principal Investigator
  • Researcher  
  • Influencer